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ADAM & EVE offers a comprehensive culturally-sensitive, survivor-centered model of intensive case management and interagency collaboration tailored for survivors of sexual crimes. Our program enhances crime victim services to better address trauma, utilize key community partners, and actively engage those for whom access to services has been a barrier; as well as address factors pertaining to victimization, trauma and substance abuse; with a focus on intimate partner violence (IPV), domestic violence (DV); sexual assault; and human trafficking. Facilitated access and retention support is maximized our tailored menu of wraparound services, and our evidence-based practices address issues key to the survival of our clients.

Under the ADAM & EVE initiative, we provide access to safe and appropriate shelters; individual, family and group counseling; and reunite youth survivors with their families when appropriate. Further, ADAM & EVE increases the safety, social and emotional well-being and self-sufficiency of crime victims, helping them build permanent connections with families, communities, schools and other positive social networks.

Under our Project ADAM, we address the mental health and emotional health and challenges of young men who are perpetrators of crime violence against women and others, including sexual assault, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, dating violence, stalking and general abuse. We provide a host of individual and group services, including mentoring, to address the multi-facet needs of those men who are challenged with managing their emotions, particularly anger, leading to violence against women and others.